American Detail Nation LLC was founded on core principles of integrity, passion, and the constant pursuit of perfection. 


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What We Provide

American Detail Nation holds excellence in our DNA; when industry leading products are combined with experience and technique, you receive quality service! Our complete detailing packages are tailored to restore and protect your vehicle to it's best possible condition.


We are fully mobile and sustainable with our own dionized water and power source. Do not wait at your local car wash or detail center when you can have full access to premium services all at your convenience! 

Servicing the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities.

(Scottsdale, Verrado, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Goodyear, Avondale, Chandler, Awhatukee, Glendale, Litchfield Park, Paradise Valley, San Tan)


Entry level

Our level 1 detail is perfect for fairly new vehicles, or vehicles that have been detailed in the last 5 months. Thorough and straight to the point. Maintenace wash on the outside and a light interior clean inside.

 Sometimes less is more!

*up to 2 hours

Level 2

Beyond the Surface 



We understand; time is short, errands are full. Your vehicle is at constant war with your children? A couple stains here and there? We have you covered! On top of an extensive interior detail, your exterior will receive a little more love as well.

*3-4 hours max


Showroom quality


Looking to restore your vehicle to its best possilbe condition? Maybe looking to sell it? After this service is completed you might even want to reconsider putting it on the market! This package is filled with all the works.

*plan for a whole day

Maintenance Wash

A refreshment...

This service is a great way to maintain your vehicle after we have completed a Level 1,2, or 3. This package is not a detail but an upkeep to freshen up in between washes. Montlhy subscriptions available, call us!

$50 cars

$60 trucks/SUV's

Interior Only

Light Interior Clean

What if I only need my interior taken care of? We have you covered. This package offers the versatility to eliminate other unwanted items and focus only on the inside of your vehicle.

$100 car

$120 trucks/SUV's

EXTENSIVE INTERIOR * for heavily neglected vehicles.

(Excessive stains, pet hair, odors, etc) 

Upon arrival vehicel will be inspected

$160 cars/trucks/SUV's


Gloss Sauce

Bugs, grime, and fallout gone! Bring back some gloss to your vehicle with a liight polish. Clay bar and Iron X bath included for decontamination. Can reduce paint imperfections by up to 80%, and topped off with a quality 3 month sealant for protection.

*Price varies on one step polish and paint protection added

Paint Corrections

Death to Defects

Paint corrections is a word commonly thrown out there in the detailing world. A correction is NOT an enhancement, wax/glaze filler polish application, or an easy 2 hour low budget fix. To better understand the process, we must understand why imperfections exist in your paint. Defects in your paint are shown through the reflection of light in various directions caused by swirls, holograms, hazing,  etchings, water spots, improper wash/dry procedures, and random isolated deep scratches. Meaning, that in order to bring the paint back to life, we must remove microscopic layers of clear coat to level the surface out.

This is where we come in! Upon assessing your vehicle and understanding the level of perfection you are after; we will quote a budget and timeframe to correct the paint to its best possible outcome.

Wet Sanding/Color Sanding


Cutting compounds

Polishing finishes

Dual Action polishers

When completed, your paint will be brought back to life and be restored with clarity, depth, gloss, and have a true proper finish!

Ceramic coating and/or sealants are highly recommended to our customers to protect the paint as long and best as possible. 

Certified installer of IGL. 

**Paint corrections and Ceramic coatings are quoted on sight only.

*ADN offers free test spot quotes in order for clients to see what can be achieved on their paint.

Opening Hours

We go to you!

Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm
Sat: 7am - 1pm
Sun: Closed (Or special Appts only)

*hours can be tailored and customized to you and your schedule. Just give us a call/text and if possilbe we can work something out if the timeframe is not available.

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